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♠ - What are they afraid of?

Death, of course, failure and poverty.

♦ - What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?

The way he uses his words)

Send my character a dirty text. Whether by accident or intentional is your choice.

- What does ‘love’ mean to them?
- What are they afraid of?
- What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?
- What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)
- Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?
- Are they…

Did, um, anyone miss me in my absence?)

Illness themed RP starters! (I'm going to get sad if I don't get any.)
"When is the last time you ate?"
"Let me get you a glass of water."
"You can lay down in my bed if you need to."
"Don't cry, you're going to be fine."
"You're safe, I've got you."
"You're fever's too high, you're delirious."
"Sleep it off."
"Can I get you anything?"
"Here, vomit in this."
"You've been out for days. I was worried you were dead."
"When is the last time you slept?"
"How bad does your stomach hurt?"
"How long have you had that cough?"
"Hold on. You're too sick to go anywhere."
"I'll get you a blanket, you're going to be here for a while."
"Let's go home, you're too sick."
"I can do that, just go back to bed."
"Maybe you should go to the doctor."
"Come on, at least sleep in a bed."